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(Last update 25 October 2023)

What is testing -.- Becoming a (great) tester -.- Hiring (testers) -.- Testing Skills -.- Test Design -.- Test Ideas -.- Heuristics -.- Test Strategy -.- Oracles -.- Context-Driven Testing -.- Rapid Software Testing -.- Exploratory Testing -.- What exploratory Testing is NOT -.- Session Based Test Management -.- Pair Testing -.- Agile & agile testing -.- Test Improvement -.- Testability -.- Regression testing -.- Test Estimation -.- Reporting -.- Standards & certification -.- Complexity & Cynefin -.- (Social) Science -.- Thinking -.- Learning -.- Visualisation -.- Automation -.- Learn to code -.- Speaking tips -.-  Tools -.- More link collections -.- Uncategorized beauties -.- My favorite blogs

Testing & What is Testing:

Becoming a (great) tester:

Hiring (testers):

Testing Skills:

Test Design:

Test Ideas:


Test Strategy:


Context-Driven Testing:

Rapid Software Testing:

(Exploratory) Testing:

What exploratory Testing is NOT:

Session Based Test Management:

Pair Testing:

Test Improvement:

Agile & Agile testing:


Regression testing:

Test Estimation:


What to learn more about storytelling? Have a look here.

Standards and certification:

Complexity & Cynefin:

(Social) Science:




Automation & Tool aided testing:

Learn to code:

Speaker tips:


More link collections:

Uncategorized beauties:

My favorite blogs:

Do you know a great resources that should be here? Let me know by submitting it via this form.


  1. vmaniv


    Great resource hub!
    I am also interested in knowing if any statistical models are available here for predicting certain testing activities like Time to Complete, Effort to Complete etc.


  2. siavash

    Hi Huib,

    yes, great list. before, i was creating my own.. then i saw yours and i am going to use as my starting point


  3. Duncan Nisbet

    Hi Huib,

    A great list of resources! Turns out I’m slowly making my way through the same books as yourself.

    There’s a few other resources in there I hadn’t seen – I’ll be adding them to my list when I finally get round to publishing it!