Yesterday I had my last working day at Rabobank Interntional. I am starting as a test consultant at codecentric ( Unfortunately at Rabobank I can’t do what I want, what I aspire and what I am good at. I was looking for a role as “principal test consultant”. I want to work as a consultant, trainer and coach. Improve people, teams and organizations! My strength lies in sharing the passion for testing, improve, create, learn, teach. I feel comfortable in a role as “technical leader”, where I can and may interfere with the strategic and tactical decisions about testing but also do hands-on stuff to help testers get better. And such a job isn’t available (yet) within Rabo.


Codecentric is a small agile consultancy company in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands there are 12 people, they no wait… we have another 150 people in other countries in Europe. Codecentric is expert in developing and improving IT solutions. We believe in a new way of working, trust, equality, focus, passion, pleasure and expertise to ensure a higher result. Codecentric specializes in agile and Scrum, architecture, performance management/monitoring, Java software development and agile testing. I chose codecentric because they are real experts in everything they do. And they see being an expert as a fundamental choice. They place high demands on each member of the team. Codecentric uses the 4 +1 model work: 1 day per week for the gathering and sharing knowlegde and expertise. I simply love this way of continuously investing in people.


In November I will be “in between jobs” or in transition. I like to call it a sabbatical, but I will definitely not be idle the whole month. Next week I will be at EuroStar: looking forward seeing a lot of (international) testing friends and making new ones. Sunday evening there will a gathering in the Novotel where some geek testers get together to do some lightning talks and have fun (and beers). I will be attending the tutorials by Rikard Edgren and Michael D Kelly. I will be track chair on Tuesday afternoon and will do my own talk on Wednesday. Hope to see you there!

November 18 – 22 I will be in Potsdam Germany to attend Agile Testing Days. I will fly in on Saturday to attend Potslightning on Sunday. If you are in town, come and join us! Monday I will do a tutorial on Mind Mapping with Jean-Paul. Hope it will be as awesome as it was at TestNet where we did a half day try-out. The conference program looks awesome, I am sure I will enjoy many great talks. On Thursday I will do my own talk so don’t leave the conference too early 😉

The last week of my “sabbatical” will be full of testing activity as well: hosting a game night at TestNet, doing a testing dojo at Bartosz, having a brainstorm off-site with the TestNet board and do a talk at the Dutch Testing Day about exploratory testing. Hope to see you there as well.