Happy New Year! Busy New Year!

I know, I am way too late to wish you a happy new year. But I wish you a very happy new year anyway! This year will be a very busy one for me. To create some overview for myself, I created a mindmap of my testing ambitions for 2012…

This truely will become a magnifiant year! Busy but awesome for sure. Some highlights:

And another DEWT peer conference to look forward to! A lot of testing, conferencing, meeting and learning to do!


  1. huibschoots

    Work? I knew I had forgotten something! 🙂

    Thanks Phil! Hope to meet you at CAST.

  2. Phil Kirkham

    Nice use of a mindmap ! Good to see mentions of the Software Testing Club on it, I’m pencilling in CAST as well and am also reading several of the books on your list.

    One thing missing from your map – work. How you going to fit that in ?

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