Why I am context-driven!

Wanna know why I am context-driven? Published on the DEWT blog: Why I am context-driven!

“Because testing (and any engineering activity) is a solution to a very difficult problem, it must be tailored to the context of the project, and therefore testing is a human activity that requires a great deal of skill to do well. That’s why we must study it seriously. We must practice our craft. Context-driven testers strive to become the Jedi knights of testing”. James Bach

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  1. John Crawford

    I’m a context-driven tester because it provides the medium necessary to prevent scope creeping and performing irrelevant tests. The pre-released product is like a fragile large fish tank with leaky cracks in it and the customers are the fish. Context-driven testing enables the tester to focus on the cracks introduced by new features or regressive behavior from another feature and focus on testing the cracks and immediate areas around the cracks. Without context-driven testing, there’s too much glass to cover and testing becomes an infeasible and futile effort. The end result, however, is the retention of water (market share), happy fish (customers), and a solid product (no longer leaky fish tank)…

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