This is my blog on software testing. I always say that out of the 1000 ideas I have (and believe me, I produce lots), only 5 have the potention to become any good. The rest are great or even brilliant but totally unrealistic, unfeasible or misunderstood. I want to use this medium to share my ideas and thoughts on software testing with the testing community out there. So feel free to comment. And if you do not agree (at all) with me, just let me know. In that case you might have encountered one of those brilliant ideas I thought I had. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will be used to sharpen my own ideas while exploring yours.

In Dutch, the name of my blog would be “Grandiaal” which is a mixture of the words “Grandioos” (Grandiose or magnificent) and “Geniaal” (genius of brilliant). In English this could be translated to: Magnifiant, a word linking magnificent and brilliant. This name is great because there is also the word Magnifier in it, a tool which is used to investigate and enlarge subjects. To explore and learn from the subject.