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Update 7-7-2017. I am taking a break from Skype coaching. Starting today I am taking no new students on.

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  1. siavash

    Hello Huib,

    how are you? It has been 10 years that i am in software testing. Back in 2007, i came across the context-driven approach to testing. I read a lot at that time and tried to introduce it to the enterprise that i was working with at that time (Bank UBS). I had some success BUT generally, i become worn out (so to speak) by the way the IT industry was doing ‘testing’. You guys call it ‘factory testing’. I agree! I mean it has face validity!

    Yes! i became really tired , i decided to quit (well kind of), and do something else. I was always interested in social science.. So, i pursued my studies in sociology, political science and a bit of philosophy! but arrival of my son and trying to meet the ends, i returned to IT again. Since last year, i read a lot about people’s blog and articles related to C.D approach! – But i came across yours because you were giving a talk about testing and social science! So, i liked it a lot and kind of related myself to it! so, that is why i decided to contact you. Now , that you even offer coaching, that is even better! i am up to it.. if you are!

    ps: by the way, my home is Canada but living in Africa at the moment(west). Not forever. I will return to Canada soon. The reason I am saying that is because sometimes internet connection, here in Africa, is not that good! But we can try anyway. Contact me please to see when I can get some coaching!

    Siavash Solati

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