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If you really want to learn, you need to invest a lot of time. Malcolm Gladwell claims in his book Outliers that the key to success in any field is practising 10,000 hours. I believe in continuous learning and I put that into practice. We learn by making mistakes. Preferably in a safe environment. We learn from feedback and evaluations. Coaching can boost your learning. Not only for newcomers, for anyone who wants to learn, who wants to develop, a coach has added value. Antony Marcano wrote a nice article in which he says: “One thing that I notice is that while the teams are being coached, they do amazing things. They are more happy, more productive, fast to improve as if there are no limits to what they can achieve”.

I had Skype coaching sessions with James Bach and Ilari Aegerter. Here I saw how skype coaching works and I gained a bit of experience in coaching testers. Now I would like to learn this myself and that is why I offer skype coaching for free!

What is skype coaching?

A skype coaching session is a one-on-one interaction via the text message system of Skype. A coaching session is aimed at improving skills and learning. It is the tester that comes up with the solution. I try to help the “student” with the Socratic method. Often the tester gets a task or exercise during the session. After the exercise there is plenty of time to debrief.

It’s different than solving problems which I call mentoring/consulting: a mentor helps to solve a problem or an issue in daily work. This can include personal things like: how do I deal with my test manager or I would like to become test coordinator, what should I do?

How does it work?

  • You contact me and we try to find a date and time (my Skype-ID: huibschoots)
  • We use the text messaging system of Skype
  • We’ll work on what you are interested in. If there is nothing specific I will come up with something on my own
  • I will do this by the use of the socratic method. That means I will try to keep your brain busy by asking demanding questions
  • This offer is without obligation for neither part
  • As already mentioned: it only costs your time; not your money
  • You allow me to use the coaching transcript for my purposes

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  1. Hello Huib,

    how are you? It has been 10 years that i am in software testing. Back in 2007, i came across the context-driven approach to testing. I read a lot at that time and tried to introduce it to the enterprise that i was working with at that time (Bank UBS). I had some success BUT generally, i become worn out (so to speak) by the way the IT industry was doing ‘testing’. You guys call it ‘factory testing’. I agree! I mean it has face validity!

    Yes! i became really tired , i decided to quit (well kind of), and do something else. I was always interested in social science.. So, i pursued my studies in sociology, political science and a bit of philosophy! but arrival of my son and trying to meet the ends, i returned to IT again. Since last year, i read a lot about people’s blog and articles related to C.D approach! – But i came across yours because you were giving a talk about testing and social science! So, i liked it a lot and kind of related myself to it! so, that is why i decided to contact you. Now , that you even offer coaching, that is even better! i am up to it.. if you are!

    ps: by the way, my home is Canada but living in Africa at the moment(west). Not forever. I will return to Canada soon. The reason I am saying that is because sometimes internet connection, here in Africa, is not that good! But we can try anyway. Contact me please to see when I can get some coaching!

    Siavash Solati

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